Vợt Tennis Wilson Blade 104 V7.0 (290gr)

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Vợt Tennis Wilson Blade 104 V7.0 (290gr) Player Benefits:  Forgiveness – Maneuverability - Touch Players looking for excellent forgiveness of shots prefer the Wilson Blade 104 V7.0. In fact, due to its head size of 670cm², this model will be easiest for playing with as it will limit the impact of off-centre shots. Its weight of 290g with a balance of 32.5cm, allows you to be more agile so that you can easily accelerate the head of the racquet and put some force behind your balls. The racquet’s 22mm section will be very versatile and will give you a good return of energy as well as necessary stability to have forceful and precise shots. The string pattern 16x19 will give you extra punch, as well as maximum impact thanks to the freedom of movement of the strings. This Blade 104 is lengthened to 69,8cm to allow you to have more extension. It’s not just a new Blade, it’s the best Blade! Player Profile: - Intermediate players looking for a forgiving racquet to play an offensive game. Technologies: - Feel Flex:  Inspired by the Free Flex technology embodied in the Clash, the Feel Flex system will improve the flexibility of this racquet without compromising its stability so that you can have a greater feel for the game.  This is made possible thanks to the strategic addition of Carbon Mapping in the racquet. Thông số kĩ thuật Công nghệ Kích cỡ mặt vợt 104 in² / 671 cm² Chiều dài vợt 27,5in / 69,9cm Trọng lượng vợt chưa có dây (+/- 5g) 290g/10,2oz Trọng lượng vợt đã có dây Độ cân bằng (chưa có dây) 32cm /9 pts HL Độ cân bằng (đã có dây) 32,99cm / 6 pts HL Trọng lượng vung 321 Độ cứng 60 Độ dày thành vợt 22mm / 22mm / 22mm Chất liệu Braided Graphite Cốt vợt Wilson Pro Performance Mật độ dây 16 Mains / 19 Crosses Mains skip: 7T,9T,8H Độ căng dây (khuyến nghị) 22-27kg / 50-60lb Đánh giá sản phẩm: -->

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